Teach Religious Education

Religious Education teachers present, explain and justify the Christian message as it is transmitted by the Catholic Church. They must understand and follow the Religious Education program mandated by the Diocesan Bishop. 

Who is Accreditation to Teach Religious Education For?

Teachers of Religious Education, as outlined in The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth Teachers Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2012 Section 24 - Conditions of Employment, the CECWA Policy Accreditation and the CECWA Policy Statement Religious Education.

What is required?

  1. Orientation

  2. Faith Story and Witness

  3. Study Component

  • Completion of three tertiary units approved for Accreditation by the Catholic Education Office or their equivalent within five years of appointment (as per Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School study requirements).

        4. Eighteen hours inservice
  • On the pedagogy and methodology of Religious Education in Western Australia developed by Catholic Education WA within the first three years of employment. 

  • Approved University of Notre Dame Religious Education methodology units will satisfy this requirement.


An Accreditation B certificate is the equivalent of an Accreditation to Teach Religious Education certificate.

Ongoing Renewal

On completion of the components staff are issued with an Accreditation to Teach Religious Education certificate which is valid for five years. Staff are required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of ongoing renewal with a minimum of 15 hours of the Knowledge component every five years.