Who is the Accreditation for Leadership for?

All leaders in a Catholic school e.g. Principal, Assistant Principal (Religious Education/Administration), Deputy Principal, the Religious Education Coordinator, and anyone in a leadership position, however so called, who has leadership line management responsibility for Religious Education.

What is Required?

  1. Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School

  2. Study Component 

  • Six tertiary (university level) units approved by Catholic Education WA  for Accreditation with at least two of these units completed at Masters Level. (Non-award courses cannot be used for the study component.) 

  • These units can include the three approved tertiary (university level) units completed for Accreditation to Teach Religious Education. 

        3. Twelve hours inservice 

  • Developed by Catholic Education Office Western Australia.

  • Participants need to have completed the study component and have six years of teaching experience in order to undertake the inservice component.


An Accreditation C certificate is the equivalent of an Accreditation for Leadership certificate.

Ongoing Renewal

Those who hold an Accreditation for Leadership of the Religious Education Learning Area (or Accreditation C) certificate are only required to renew their Accreditation to Teach Religious Education certificate – this maintains both certificates.