Faith Story and Witness

Faith Story and Witness assists in integrating staff into the school and highlights:

  • The faith story of the school in which the staff work

  • The role staff have as witnesses of evangelisation

  • The Catholic nature of the school curriculum.

Who is this Module for

All staff on appointment to a Catholic school on or after 1 January 2005.

What is Required

Within their first year in a school staff members are required to attend six hours of Faith Story and Witness. In covering the six hours, the number of sessions will be determined by the school. 


  • Principals are responsible for the program which can be delivered by other staff members or external facilitators.

  • Schools will develop their own program. A proforma facilitator’s package is available from Catholic Education WA.

  • Principals are responsible for providing staff who have completed Faith Story and Witness with a proforma certificate and for forwarding a signature list of participants to the Accreditation Officer.