New technologies, highly relevant to education have emerged in recent years. These technologies include a wide range of applications for digital content delivery which support teaching and learning in the classroom, education system administration and broadband network infrastructure. 

New emerging trends in the area of e-books, digital content, Internet based applications (cloud applications), and learning management systems have meant that education systems must enable the support the integration of new applications as they become available.

Some of the strategic focus for ICT within the WA Catholic systems has been in enabling the 'seamless' integration of new applications as these new learning and administration resources become available.

Identity Management

The Catholic Education Office ICT Team is conducting a project to implement an Identity Management solution (IDM). IDM is the infrastructure and process which identifies: who a network user is, how their identity should be managed and given their role, what applications and data they should have access to.

Once completed, this strategic project will compliment Catholic Network Australia’s Identity Management Service to enable the sharing of applications and data nationally between schools from Catholic diocese who are participating members of Catholic Network Australia. Within CathEdNet (WA Catholic Education’s Virtual Private Network) IDM will also underpin a series of strategic application projects such as the School Service Portal.

Catholic Network Australia

Catholic Network Australia (CNA) is the result of the collaboration between Catholic Education systems throughout Australia to form a common national broadband network. Telstra was selected through an evaluation process to rollout broadband services to 1650 Catholic schools throughout Australia.

The CNA agreement with Telstra and national partnership with Catholic Education systems has many commercial and strategic advantages for all participants. The aggregation of all the services through one contract has enabled a commercial benefit for all schools including those in WA.

CNA also allows for the sharing of applications and data between Catholic dioceses, facilitating a collaborative approach to managing and publishing information resources between network participants on a national scale.

Learning Management System

CathEdNet uses the MySuite Learning Management System provided by Editure Limited. This is an important area of ICT development and initiatives are underway to integrate new and emerging technologies which focus on improving the teaching and learning outcomes for students in the classroom.

School Service Portal

The School Service Portal Project focuses on improving the collection, management and reporting of data within the Catholic Education in WA. Part of the project includes producing a portal which will contain applications to automate and improve the management of statistical and other data.

Other functions of the portal include:

  • Provide a place where the CEOWA, schools and other stakeholders can share information

  • Improved customer service by delivering centralised capture points, online forms and easy to navigate information retrieval (Reduce manual and paper-based systems)

  • Improve data quality and promoting data re-use by introducing single data repositories that are shared by Catholic Education

  • Improved security of confidential information

  • Improved reporting, analysis and planning tools.

CathEdNet Data Centre

Formed in 2002, the Catholic Education Network (CathEdNet) is a Virtual Private Network which connects 159 Catholic schools and administrative offices across Western Australia through high speed broadband technology. The network includes a central data centre through which application services are hosted and application services delivered to schools.

Catholic Education WA joined Catholic Network Australia in 2009 and CathEdNet is now connected to other Catholic Education systems through this strategic partnership.

CathEdNet Data Centre The CathEdNet data centre offers application services to schools including: filtered internet, corporate email access, security, video conferencing, learning management system, remote access, remote school network management and school reporting. Additional application projects such as School Service Portal are currently underway to expand the range services delivered.