Where is the next new school being built and when?

Until the Bishop has approved a specific site and the construction of a Catholic school, it is difficult to say where and when the next Catholic school will be built.

However, Catholic Education Western Australia has acquired a number of potential school sites in the northern and eastern suburbs as these areas are predicted growth areas. We also regularly monitor residential development and growth and can expand or modify our site purchases and plans accordingly to meet the needs of Western Australians who want their children to attend a Catholic school.

I live in Perth’s southern suburbs, are there any plans for single gender schools there?

Families who live in Perth’s southern suburbs are well catered for regarding single gender Catholic schooling. Schools such as Santa Maria College, Iona Presentation College and Aquinas College have a very wide catchment including many students from the southern and south-coast corridors.

How long does it take for a new school to be built once all planning approvals have been received?

From the time the Bishop approves the commencement of a school, a new primary or secondary school would be operational within three years. You will appreciate however, that there is much planning and liaising with a variety of Government agencies and industry prior to this happening.

What’s it like to be part of a brand new school? Will it have all year groups?

Being part of a brand new school is exciting for families not just the new students. There is a small, close-knit community spirit that often extends for life and the staff to student ratio is often favourable.

Typically, a new Primary school will offer K - Year 6 from the time the school doors open. At a Secondary school, a staged approach is much more typical which may involve Year 7 and 8 being built initially and then Year 9 and 10 and so on.