National Partnership Programs

The Smarter Schools National Partnership Program (NPP) has been introduced by the Australian Government to provide recurrent funding to assist in improving outcomes in schools. 

The main programs include:

  • Support through the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership - targeting schools with higher numbers of students at or below the national benchmarks

  • Low Socio Economic Status School Communities National Partnerships - targeting schools with higher numbers of students experiencing social and economic hardship

  • Teacher Quality National Partnership - supporting leadership teams and teachers in all schools.

In Catholic schools, the projects currently operating are:

Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership

  • K-7 Project

  • 7-9 Project

Low SES School Communities

  • Up skilling Aboriginal Teacher Assistants

  • Tracking Students

  • Intensified Literacy and Numeracy Support

  • Supporting Senior Secondary Programs

  • Extending the School Day

  • Extending Bluearth Program

  • Promoting Alternate Thinking Skills.

Teacher Quality National Partnership

  • Quality Catholic Schooling

  • Aboriginal Leadership Program

  • Mentor Teacher Program

  • Executive Principals

  • Up Skilling Teacher Assistants

  • Science and Mathematics Up skilling

  • Pre-service Training.