School Level Plans

A further Australian Government accountability requirement is that specific activities in participating schools which are supported by National Partnership funding should be summarised in a School Level Plan.

School Level Plans are a brief summary which contain, but are not limited to:

  • Outline of the broad aims of the overarching Smarter Schools National Partnership Program as linked to the National Education Agreement and the implementation principles for Catholic schools in Western Australia

  • A brief profile of the school as contained on the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) MySchool website

  • A brief outline of some of the strategies, processes and expected outcomes in the school which relate directly to National Partnership support.

A summary of funding associated with the program. Australian Government funding may involve direct payments to schools or a dollar value on the external support which has been funded.

CEWA co-investment is a dollar figure placed on direct funding or system level support (e.g. salaries, professional development, teacher relief, venue hire, transport etc). School co-investment relates to in kind or direct involvement at the school level such as direct payments, teacher relief, time allocations to teachers, professional development costs etc.

Low SES School Communities National Partnership

In terms of the Low Socio-Economic School Communities National Partnership, the schools receiving funding are listed below.