Student Life in a Catholic School

Since 1843, Catholic schools in Western Australia have exemplified caring Catholic communities committed to helping all students reach their potential. Our students graduate equipped to take their place in a complex world, with the intellectual tools to navigate life, as well as the faith and values to look to the future with hope.

Catholic schools not only challenge the mind, they nurture the soul. Faith, mission and social justice are integrated into every part of the curriculum and your child will participate in a wide range of opportunities designed to help them deepen their faith. These will range from Masses, liturgies and class prayers to reflections days, retreats and other spiritual formation opportunities.

Our schools have a focus on actively living the Catholic faith and the whole school community participates in service to others. This might involve service to others in the school, volunteering for Young Vinnies, coordinating or participating in fundraisers for Caritas or other charities and participating in structured Christian service learning.

Whatever Catholic school your child attends, they will be surrounded by a caring community that demonstrates concern for its members as well as others throughout the world. From classroom projects to immersion programs, your child and family will have the opportunity to model strong values of helping others and creating a better world.

Catholic schools in Western Australia welcome students of all backgrounds and faiths to experience the comprehensive education of mind, body, heart and spirit.