When enrolling in a Catholic school, parents, as the first educators of their children, enter into a partnership with the school to promote and support their child’s education, in particular their education in faith.

All Catholic schools in Western Australia follow the policy and procedures for enrolment outlined in the Enrolment Policy. Each school has its own policy and procedures consistent with the CECWA Policy, which are available on each school’s website.

Parents considering enrolment in a Catholic school should seek information about their school of choice through the  school website, by becoming aware of the part the school plays in the community and the parish, or by talking to parents of current students.

All applications for enrolment are processed by individual schools. A separate application needs to be made to each school you are considering. Unless the school is a K-12 school, applications for enrolment into secondary colleges need to made as early as possible, at least by Year 5.  

Submission of an application form does not guarantee placement. Parents will be requested to attend an interview with the principal prior to the application being processed.

Where students have particular educational needs parents are encouraged to discuss this with the principal at the interview.

For students with disability please refer to the brochure Students with Disabilities in Catholic Schools.