Whitford Catholic Primary School - Kids of Mercy

LEAD Award for Excellence in the category of Discipleship

Whitford Catholic Primary School – Kids of Mercy

Whitford Catholic Primary School, founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1978, is situated next door to Mercyville Aged Care Hostel, where a number of Mercy Sisters who once taught at the school live.

Since 2010, when the Year 6 students began what was planned to be once a year visits to the Sisters, lunchtime visits have become a weekly occurrence, open to all students from Year 1.

A roster of 120 students enables a group of 12 to visit each Friday, for activities ranging from simple conversations to musical performances, baking, puppetry, and making balloon animals

The Sisters have given a glowing endorsement of the initiative, and the LEAD Awards selection panel were particularly struck by a Year 6 student who gave a eulogy for one of the Sisters on her passing.