St Jude’s Catholic Primary School – Instructional Rounds Initiative

LEAD Award for Excellence in the category of Accountability

St Jude’s Catholic Primary School - Instructional Rounds Initiative

Early in 2014 St Jude’s Catholic Primary School began the process of introducing Instructional Rounds as a method of improving teaching and learning.

The school’s Instructional Rounds are based on the practice of medical ‘rounds’ in hospitals, with teachers taking turns to observe and be observed by their colleagues as they teach. Classroom dynamics, student engagement and interactions between teachers, students and content are noted and recorded in a manner designed to be non-judgemental. This process is followed by opportunities for all staff to debrief and reflect.

The Instructional Rounds initiative promotes a whole-school culture of collaboration, reflection and improvement, helping teachers to develop accountability in a process focussed on student learning.

The school has also involved St Columbus and St Augustine’s schools in the process, leading to interschool rounds. The initiative’s success is based on the value of rich conversations about practice that translate into actions in the classroom.