La Salle College – Transition Program

LEAD Award for Excellence in the category of Engagement

La Salle College – Transition Program

The Aboriginal Education Centre at La Salle College ensures all students, at varying levels of ability, are able to participate in meaningful and life-relevant learning.

The Transition Program, along with specialised teaching structure, has assisted students who have experienced failure and become disinterested in their learning journey. The program is modified for individuals, and the transition experience can be flexible. This flexibility allows more students to move towards independence and mainstream curriculum.

Brother Rick Gaffney from the Balgo Hills community in northern Western Australia is one supporter of the program, having seen the benefits it has had for some of his community’s young people.

'We have sent students to many boarding schools in the past, without ongoing success. The reason students keep returning to La Salle is because of the Transition Program. This allows them to be safe and secure, yet be part of the whole school environment. It is in this setting they want to learn.'