Kolbe Catholic College – Year 10 Dance Program

LEAD Award for Excellence in the category of Discipleship

Kolbe Catholic College – Year 10 Dance Program


The Year 10 dance program at Kolbe Catholic College has built connections between its students and those at the Malibu School, which caters specifically for students with disabilities.

The foundations for the program started with building relationships amongst the two groups of students before introducing the dance element, which has provided opportunities for these relationships to continue developing.

Outcomes of the inter-school program were quickly evident, with a clear joy shared by students from the two schools, and a raised awareness for Kolbe students of people who are often marginalised in society. The program has helped students to see beyond disabilities to recognise the unique value of each individual.

The benefits of the program have extended beyond school hours, with Kolbe students taking Malibu School students on outings including visits to the movies, lunch or shopping trips, providing parents with some respite.