2011 Award Winners

Living the Vision Awards of Excellence Winners

The Living the Vision Awards were presented on 28 March at the Burswood Entertainment Centre during the annual Catholic Schools’ Staff Breakfast. The awards are linked to the Living the Vision  statement and are a sample of the excellent work done in Catholic schools.

Teachers from Mater Christi Catholic Primary School, Padbury Catholic Primary School, Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Kelmscott and Sacred Heart College Sorrento received awards.

This year, our judging panel consisted of:

  • Brother Shane Lavery (Notre Dame University)

  • Dr Melinda Harris (Chair of Parent Advisory Committee)

  • Sue Fox (Principal of Sacred Heart Primary School)

  • David Wood (Chief Learning, Teaching & Innovation Officer, Catholic Education Office)

In the category of 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure' we have two equal winners:

Mater Christi Catholic Primary School - Pre Primary Literacy Groups

The Performance Indicators in Primary Schools (PIPS) data at the school shows students starting below state/cohort average in reading and maths for over five years. Targeted ability based literacy groups across all three pre-primary classes were established involving explicit teaching using early childhood pedagogy designed to develop ‘children as confident and involved learners’.

The use of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) was evident in the program. Nine literacy groups have two sessions for 45 minutes per week with all staff involved. Every few weeks data is gathered and groups are adjusted. The EYLF along with First Steps, resources such as iPods, notebooks and the interactive White Board used to assist in the learning process.

The results have seen the school jump significantly above the state/cohort average by the end of the year. It also has seen PIPS maths scores improve along with students becoming more independent learners, able to transfer skills to other learning experiences.

Congratulations to Mater Christi and Pip Crommelin for this program.

Padbury Catholic Primary School - EXTREMES Program

As the title indicates this initiative caters for the students at the extremes of the normal curve in a normal population to reach their full potential. Under this umbrella students with learning difficulties in literacy are targeted in a reading program (Read Over) designed by the school. The school has 24 special needs students and the program assists in differentiating the curriculum for these students.

An extensive volunteer program with training and monthly meetings helps support the it and has assisted these students to attain average classroom levels in literacy. The gifted and talented students are catered for by providing opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills, concepts at higher levels of complexity and greater abstraction, all enhancing student learning. These students have been successful in many competitions such as SciTech challenge day (1 and 3 place) 2011, Academic All Stars Day (Champion School in 2011) to name a few.

Congratulations to Padbury Catholic Primary School and Tanya Atherton and Liz Johnston who run this program.

In the categorie 'Capturing the Joy in the Mystery of the Created Universe' we have one winner:

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Kelmscott - Bidjara Program (Noongar of the earth)

This program draws upon the use of multiple intelligences to include the students marginalised by conventional practices. It engages students in their dominant learning style. For example Visual Spatial Learners are catered for by being able to draw and read diagrams of vegetable beds and animals and use cameras to record thoughts, cooking procedures and vegetable growth.

Students who struggle with literacy are able to scribe their words to the teacher or parent helper. The process is three groups of students have a session once a week where they plant, care and harvest a vegetable garden and care for chickens and goats. Information is measured, recorded and photographed.

Parent’s referees commented that their son enjoyed every aspect of the program. It has led to him starting a vegie patch at home and taking a real interest in cooking. Another mother commented that the program not only had taught her daughter the skills of measuring, calculating, recording and problem solving and many more but the real benefit was how she feels connected to the school and the Bidjara community.

Congratulations to Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Kelmscott and Diana Newman who runs this program.   

In the categorie 'Walking together in a Spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness' we have one winner:

Sacred Heart College Sorrento - Young Vinnies Group

The Young Vinnies group supports a number of initiatives involving indigenous people. An example is a partnership with the Ngaanyatjarra lands School Program. These are a network of nine school campuses in remote central Australia. As part of the program Indigenous grandmothers known as the Breakfast Ladies have been supplied with industrial toasters, sandwich makers, kitchen utensils etc. As well as this over the past three years the group has hosted students, teachers and elders when they visit Perth.

Activities have been organised for the visits including members of the group camping with the students at the Nanga bush camp. The group attends the annual Desert dust Up in Warburton. Miss Daisy Ward in her reference commented on the student’s  '...ability to leave value judgements behind, embrace the cultural diversity and exercise their resilience in attending to a lack of facilities, a lack of privacy, many hours of travel and geographical isolation.' The students summed up the outcomes by saying 'I learnt the smallest things in make a difference in young children’s lives; whether it’s a smile, a hug or high five it really brings out the best in them.'

Congratulations to Sacred Heart College Sorrento and Rossanna Hywood who runs this program.