2010 Award Winners

Living the Vision Awards of Excellence Winners

The Living the Vision Awards of Excellence was commenced in 2008 and emanated from a deep desire to recognise and celebrate excellence in Catholic Education and how to foster creativity, encourage innovation and expand opportunity in our schools.

The Awards of Excellence were awarded on the 7th of April 2011 during a breakfast celebration at the Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth.

This year, our judging panel consisted of:

  • Dr Melinda Harris, Parent Advisory Standing Committee Representative

  • Mrs Caroline Payne, CSPA Representative

  • Assoc Professor Shane Lavery, School of Education, University of Notre Dame

  • Mr David Barras, CPPA Representative

  • Mr Michael Ciccarelli, Principal Schools Advisor, Catholic Education Office

In 2010, we received 13 worthy nominations and all the applications were outstanding. Our winning applications did not cover all the categories but fell into two main categories predominantly; 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure' and 'Walking together in the Spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness.'

In the category of 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure' we have three equal winners:

Orana Catholic Primary School, Dianella - 1:1 Laptop Program

Orana has been a flagship school in Western Australia for the 1:1 laptop program for Primary school students. All the teachers involved have had to upskill themselves to become proficient with all the software available to children on their laptops. 

The school has also been generous in sharing their knowledge by hosting visits from other schools and principals across WA and nationally. In order to achieve the outcomes of the program, extensive consultation with the ICT (Information Communications Technology) Coordinator, teachers and parents took place. 

The outcome of the program is that the students have experienced a deeper engagement with their learning. It has allowed differentiated learning to take place naturally. One of the key outcomes of this program has been the ability to integrate ICT with subjects like science and library research. The resounding success of this program has resulted in the school trialling the use of iPads in Pre-Kindy to Year 3 to allow students to move seamlessly to the 1:1 Laptop Program in Year 4. 

Orana Catholic Primary School are to be congratulated on their ability to engage their students and develop a hunger for the learning adventure.

Ms Lynn Perrigo and Principal Mr David Barns were presented with the Living the Vision Award on behalf of their school.

Xavier Catholic School (Primary), Hilbert - LAND Project (Leading Aligned Numeracy Development)

Our second winner in the category of 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure in a Primary School' has worked diligently on lifting their numeracy results through a project called the LAND (Leading Aligned Numeracy Development) project. 

This project identified 25 key characteristics that are integral to teaching numeracy and mathematical efficacy. The teachers involved with the project provided regular opportunities for staff, students and parents to engage in dialogue that focussed on their numeracy practice and how to refine and improve these practices. 

The team were involved in collating and analysing student data to support student achievement. The project that this innovative school team engaged in, has been presented at conferences across the state and has also been used by Professor Mike Gaffney, Chair of Educational Leadership at the Australian Catholic University in Canberra. Professor Gaffney presented this school’s exemplary practice at the MCEECDYA Ministers of Education Biennial Forum at Parliament House in Canberra.

Ms Cathie Bauer, Ms Lorna Saunders and Ms Chrystal Leavers were presented with the Living the Vision Award on behalf of their school.

Aranmore Catholic College, Leederville (Mrs Tamara Boyer) - Society & Environment Program

In the category of 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure' we have a third individual winner; Aronmore Catholic College.

Tamara Boyer has developed a Society and Environment curriculum from Year 7 to 12 that is innovative, exciting and engages students of all year levels. She has enlivened the curriculum for students. 

She created 'Around the World in 80 days' for the Year 7 students as well as the “History of Aranmore - Discover your past” and then in Year 12 geography she created 'The Amazing Race' which was later presented as a professional development for all Geography teachers as well as run regionally using a virtual fieldtrip and Google Earth. 

Her curriculum and methods of assessment are notable for their student-centred approach and differentiate the levels of student learning and multiple intelligences. This teacher is passionate about what she does and makes learning memorable and fun.

Miss Tamara Boyer, here pictured with Principal Mr Jim Elliott, is Head of Society and Environment at Aranmore Catholic College.

In the category of 'Walking together in the Spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness' we have one winner:

La Salle College, Middle Swan - Balgo Program

This school has facilitated an exchange programme between itself and another remote school in our Catholic Education community. 

The program established a connection between the two schools and offered further education options for young people from Luurnpa Catholic School in Balgo Hills as part of the Wirrumanu Aboriginal community.

A number of community meetings were held between the two schools and the Balgo community members nominated a small group of boys who they felt were motivated to pursue further education and the opportunities available in Perth.

The boys aged 13 -17 arrived in Perth and boarded at Swanleigh Residential College, Middle Swan. The College organised the accommodation by registering as a limited boarding facility and employed two additional staff to assist the boys with their literacy, numeracy and learning needs. In the words of one student 'I love LaSalle and I am coming back for sure because I am having fun and learning new things. When I finish school I am going to University to be a teacher.' This quote exemplifies the fact that the students are integrating extremely well, learning skills previously not available to them and in return teaching the College something about traditional indigenous ways thus furthering the spirit of reconciliation. 

Ms Karina Blurton, here pictured with Mr Ben Calleja, Mr Wayne Bull, Ms Debra Sayce and Mr Darren Perrett, was presented with the Living the Vision Award on behalf of her school.