2009 Award Winners

Living the Vision Awards of Excellence Winners

The Living the Vision Awards of Excellence was commenced in 2008.

It emanated from a deep desire to recognise and celebrate excellence in Catholic Education and how to foster creativity, encourage innovation and expand opportunity in our schools.

In 2009 our winning applications fell into three main categories predominantly:

  • 'Truth and Justice'

  • 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure'

  • 'Walking together in the Spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness'.

In the catedory of 'Truth and  Justice' we have one winner:

Sacred Heart College, Sorento - Young Vinnie Group

Sacred Heart College, Sorrento was honoured for the outstanding work of its Young Vinnie Group, which meets weekly with up to 80 participants. The group raises funds through raffles, cake stalls, soup days and winter sleep outs and then puts the money towards coordinating a number of activities through the year.

At a ‘Fun Day Out’ 50 under-privileged primary school children were provided with a meal and a hamper of food and household items. Migrant picnics are held twice a year where up to 70 new migrant and refugee families are entertained on a Sunday afternoon.

Students and staff also cook meals for Shopfront - a drop-in-centre and one of the Archbishop’s LifeLink charities. The Young Vinnies have shown a longstanding commitment to serving the needs of their local community.

In the category of 'Developing a Hunger for the Learning Adventure' we have two equal winners:

Christian Brothers College, Fremantle - Reading Program

Reading Christian Brothers College, Fremantle was awarded for its innovative and highly successful reading program. Upon identifying that around 20% of boys entering the school were in need of literacy intervention to access secondary curriculum, CBC decided to take action. Employing the Scholastic Lexile Program, students are encouraged to reach the 1200 Club (adult reading level).

The boys have to read five books a term at their level or above and then sit an online comprehension quiz on each book. Results show that 70% of students have shown marked improvement, with a number reaching the 1200 Club.

As an incentive, students receive various awards along the way as milestones are achieved. These include certificates, book vouchers and having their photograph displayed in the school library and the newsletter. The reading program has led to animated discussions on books, boys reading at home and at-risk students improving dramatically. This program plays an important role in the outstanding results the College has been achieving at Year 12 level for the last several years.  

La Salle College, Middle Swan - Shared Learning

This award acknowledged the efforts of the La Salle College in encouraging academic excellence and improving achievement for upper Secondary students, particularly those aspiring to gain entry into competitive university courses. Keen to foster excellence, the College established the Prometheus Club (named for the wisest of the Titans in Greek mythology) for high-achieving students in Year 11 and 12.

Students attend weekly three-hour study sessions at the school where they engage in shared learning and peer tutoring. Teachers also attend these intensive sessions.

Once a month a guest speaker presents information on a range of topics including study skills, dealing with stress and various career options and university courses. Data shows that 90% of Year 12 students in the Prometheus Club maintained or improved their Year 11 results.

Additionally 80% of Year 12 members improved on their Semester One results in the second half of theyear. The Prometheus Club has been so successful that a similar program has now been established for Year 10 students - the Daedalus Club. With the extra support and stimulation provided by this program, La Salle students are becoming self-sufficient, ambitious lifelong learners.

In the category 'Walking together in the Spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness' we have one winner:

Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School - Building Community

A newly-established and highly diverse community, Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School has put in place a range of practices to build community which connect with both the faith life and cultures in the school, especially the Aboriginal culture.

School prayer sees students experience stories from both the Old and New Testaments and connect these to daily aspects of their lives and their stories. Students experience the power of story through listening, performing, retelling and reflecting. The stories are told through echo, mime, liquid pictures, puppets and big books and link in with a profound acknowledgement of Aboriginal culture. 

Storytelling is also a big part of Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day and early childhood education. A whole-school retreat at the beginning of Lent includes a labyrinth walk and Aboriginal storytellers and artists who depict the creation story.