Malibu Kolbe Glee Club

Students from Kolbe Catholic College and the Malibu School, which caters specifically to students with disabilities, recently performed together for Telethon 2015, and had the opportunity to work together for charity.

Year 10 students from Kolbe have been meeting with Malibu School students twice a week throughout 2015 for the Malibu Kolbe Glee Club, learning Auslan sign language and building relationships through singing and dance.

In the lead up to the Telethon performance, students and staff involved in the Glee Club held a toy drive, collecting brand new toys from the Malibu School, Kolbe Catholic College and Our Lady of Lourdes parish communities to donate to the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

The toy drive brought in an impressive number of toys, and hospital staff were overwhelmed by the generosity of the gift according to Kolbe Principal Robyn Miller. The dance students also performed for a number of children on the wards.

The Kolbe and Malibu students were selected to take part in the combined Dance and Choir performance for Telethon, along with two other groups, after a video audition. They met to learn the choreography by video, and were only able to rehearse with the other groups the day before their performance.

The students had a great time performing for the Telethon audience, and Kolbe Dance program teacher Sally Shanassy said that they received a standing ovation for their efforts, and were congratulated by the panel of celebrities at the event.

Telethon was not the first time that the group had performed publicly, and they have more dates booked in their calendar until the end of the year.

Kolbe Catholic College were recognised for the Year 10 Dance Program earlier this year with a Catholic Education WA LEAD Award for Discipleship, which acknowledged the joy, respect and meaningful relationships facilitated by the program.