Iona Presentation Primary School to launch Makerspace

Iona Presentation Primary School is set to officially open the new creative technology ‘Makerspace’ for the start of Term 4, providing students with opportunities to learn about programming robots, iPad coding apps, and electronic circuitry in innovative and engaging ways.

The introduction of the Makerspace program is a response to the new WA Technologies Curriculum, as well as national and international movements seeking to empower students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) as interrelated learning areas. Michael Graffin, an international award winning ICT teacher, and school librarian Susan Martino are leading the Makerspace initiative with support from Arts and Enrichment specialists.

More than 100 students, parents and community members recently got a preview of the Makerspace as part of Iona Presentation Primary School’s Open Night celebrations.

A highlight of the evening was the robot fashion show, featuring one of the first ‘Dash’ educational robots in WA. The ‘Dash’ robot was acquired with the support of the P&F Association, along with other tools and technologies that will enable Iona students to tell stories, design computer games, invent cardboard constructions, and engage in higher­order problem solving and design projects.

Acting Principal Jennifer Anderson commented on the likely impact of the program.

'The Makerspace promises to become a hub of creativity, imagination, and wonder; providing students with the opportunity and space to pursue their emerging interests in robotics, design, and engineering projects,' said Jennifer.