Regional Education Intervention Centre

The St Ciaràn Early Years Regional Education Intervention Centre (The C Centre) was officially blessed by Fr Michael Gatt on Friday 9 March in the presence of Ron Dullard, Director, Red Berson, Principal, John Kobelke MLA and invited guests.

The C Centre commenced operation in February as a result of the Australian Government ‘MORE Support for Students with Disability’ initiative and the school was selected by the CEOWA to implement the project in acknowledgement of its success, commitment and expertise when working with students with a disability.

The program aims at providing children with disabilities, along with their parents, access to Early Years Educational Intervention that prepares the students for inclusion into their local mainstream school. The program targets Catholic students aged between three and six who have either a formal diagnosis relating to a disability or are in the process of obtaining a diagnosis. Normal enrolment criteria for entry to a Catholic school will apply.

Please contact the Centre co-coordinator Russell Pratten via email for further information.