Professor Michael Fullan

Professor Michael Fullan, a world authority on education reform, led a seminar for more than 120 principals and school leaders, Catholic Education Office and University Lecturers from Edith Cowan and Notre Dame representatives on November 12, 2012. 

His presentation at the Catholic Education Office, ‘Change: Making It Happen in Your System’, addressed five key areas - Taking Stock, The Right Drivers, Professional Capacity, The Stratosphere and Bringing It All Home.

Professor Fullan is Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto and advises education policymakers and local leaders around the world on how to achieve the goal of all children receiving an education.

He is recognied as a worldwide authority on educational reform and his books have been published in many languages.


Please visit Professor Michael Fullan's website for more information.

Professor Michael Fullan with Shane Glasson (Leadership Consultant) and Georgie Wynne (Leadership Consultant) at the Catholic Education Office.

Excerpts from Professor Michael Fullan's  presentation 'Change: Making It Happen in Your System' can be found here: