Health in Schools

The Western Australian Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) has developed a resource for schools to promote a positive approach to student health and wellbeing.

'What is a health promoting school?' is an online resource designed for education and health professionals that explains how a health promoting school can be achieved.

Using detailed case studies from 10 Western Australian schools who have successfully adopted the program, the resource serves as a guide for other schools that wish to become health promoting. Information about the resource can be found on the association website.

To obtain a copy of the resource, applicants should e-mail their name, organisation or school, and position held to: Hardcopies can be ordered from the association.

Established in 1989, WAHPSA is currently comprised of over 40 health and school organisations. The association is inclusive of the health and education sectors, with the common goal of improving the health of school children and young people through school based promotion and activities.