Aranmore Catholic College

On 22 June, Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi congratulated Aranmore Catholic College for achieving first place in Western Australia in the Language Perfect World Championships.

The Language Perfect World Championships is an international competition that runs in the last week of May each year and tests basic language skills in schools around the world.

Those participating are able to take the competition in a variety of languages such as French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Latin and Maori. Over 700 schools and 100 000 students entered the competition from all over the world, with 105 schools from Western Australia entering.

Aranmore Catholic College finished with some very impressive results:

  • 1st globally for Maori

  • 1st for Spanish in Australia

  • 1st school overall in WA

  • 1st for French in WA

  • 5th overall in Australia

  • 11th overall globally

  • 14th globally in French

Aranmore is a very multicultural school, allowing the students to use their multicultural talents to compete in a wide selection of languages. The school had an exciting finish to the competition, with the students banding together in the last 24 hours and narrowly jumped into first place in Western Australia.

Aranmore entered the competition through its French teacher Beatrice Achambaud, who won a Language Perfect voucher at a French Teachers’ Conference. The Language Perfect World Championships is the largest online competition of its kind in the world. It’s objective is to motivate students to get excited about languages, learning and having fun at the same time.

Participating in the competition involves taking online tests that challenge the participant’s knowledge in a language of their choosing. Successful completion of the test earns participant’s points based on their performance.

Aranmore scored 277 733 points from answering 929 279 questions by 217 students who entered the competition, who collectively spent over 2 500 hours online.