Trinity College, East Perth

Teaching and Learning Carousel (Staff Professional Development Day)

2014 saw the allocation of one Staff Professional Development Days at Trinity College devoted to the area of Teaching and Learning, with a focus on innovation.
The often-coined phrase , 'the wisdom is in the room' was central to the organisation of the day with a number of staff volunteering to facilitate sessions they felt beneficial to the ‘tool kit of a teacher’.

In all, 7 different sessions were available to staff on the day;

Inspiration vs. Motivation

  • A look into setting meaningful and achievable goals and outcomes for our students that both they and their parents will love!

Interactive Whiteboards

  • This course was designed for K-12 teachers who wished to develop skills in using the interactive whiteboards and associated software.

One staff’s experiences with classroom technology

  • In this presentation a staff member shared their personal journey using the interactive whiteboards and OneNote to deliver their lessons.

YouTube and Screen Casting

  • YouTube is a website that hosts videos which people can stream and screen casting is the ability to record your current computer screen in real time. 

  • If you combine the two it is possible to record a lesson and upload it to YouTube.

SEQTA and our Intranet

  • SEQTA (marksbook, programs, student submission of work, pastoral care notes)

  • Teacher, student and parent views of SEQTA - TCCentral (resource distribution, general info for parents and students)

Social Media in the Classroom

  • Using Facebook to engage and enhance learning in a positive way at Trinity College. This demonstration covered how some of our teachers are using Social Media to create a collaborative environment in class and at home. 

  • The session highlighted the law, privacy settings, closed groups and the importance of creating a 'Teacher Profile' which is very different to their 'Social Profile'.

Quiz with automatic feedback, without marking!

  • Socrative is a web based program that allows teachers to conduct quizzes with solutions marked and emailed to you. 

  • In this session, staff learnt how simple Socrative can be by creating a quiz then checking the results.

Most sessions has a distinct technology flavour, as this is a constant challenge for staff to adapt to the changing modes of delivery in the classroom. The sessions allowed for much interaction, conversation and engagement and were well received by all.


Trinity College extends the hands of partnership to all our families, through numerous informal groups, gatherings and formal events.

Our Friends of… groups are parent collective bodies attributed to the various activities that Trinity students involve themselves in, as part of the co-curricular programs;

  • Friends of Music

  • Friends of Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Rowing etc.

  • Friends of the Junior School

  • Friends of Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 etc.

Such Friends Of… groups meet and discuss the varied ways that parents can get involved in their son’s co-curricular program whether fundraising, morning teas, or social gatherings. Involvement is not obligatory but these groups aim to be a support network for parents who are experiencing similar aspects of their child’s education and development.

Our College Auxiliary and Parent Council bodies have a clear focus of providing opportunities for families to engage in various aspects of College Life and to meet other parents, staff and in some cases, students. Examples of such events include Parent Sundowners, Mother’s Day mass, Father’s Day Breakfast, Grandparents Morning Teas, Father-Son events and Parent-Helpers Suppers. The aim being to bring parents and family members together at Trinity College. 

Two events of note:
  • Mother’s Day Mass saw Junior School boys invite, celebrate and sit with their Mother at mass.nOne boy from each class (12 in all) presented their own thoughts on the wonderful contributions that their mother had made to their life. Two mothers also presented personal experiences of motherhood.

  • Grandparents Morning Tea saw Year 8 students invite their grandparents to morning tea. Students gave their grandparents a tour of the College and then accompanied them to morning tea, prepared by the College Auxiliary.