St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School, Ocean Reef

In recent months St Simon Peter school community have been using their 2013-2015 Strategic Plan to develop their LEAD planning document for 2015. This work has involved staff, parent and students.

The staff have been working on a school improvement plan for some months now. School Principal, Mr Shane Baker who has been facilitating this initiative said 'working with our School Improvement Advisor and people like Brendan Spillane over the past two years has been pivotal to this work.'

Like most schools St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School is a complex school organisation with many initiatives rolling out from one year to the next, making school improvement often hard to identify and prioritise. The LEAD document has provided clarity to the school improvement process. 

Looking at four goals for improvement to plan and focus on in 2015 is a challenge the staff are looking forward to. 'It will provide the evidence we are looking for, to be even better at what we do.' said Mr Baker.


The School Improvement Team (SIT) consists of six key staff members who expressed their interest in working on this team. The team represents all the different areas of the school's organisation which includes each sub school (early years, junior and senior clusters), the Special Education Centre and the large network of education assistants.  

SIT meets monthly on Wednesday mornings with Paul Hille (School Improvement Advisor) who has been offering system support and guidance to the team. The SIT’s terms of reference were challenging and far reaching and has involved several staff meetings and progress reports to the school's leadership team who have been overseeing this work. SIT will present the LEAD plan to the school’s Annual Community Meeting in November this year.

St Simon Peter Board Chair Andrew Groves reported that the Board identified their priorities for 2015 using the current Strategic Plan. They have also been spending time writing a  LEAD operational plan that will see four key goals for school improvement that pertains to their work, being set up for next year. He said 'we work from our Strategic Plan each year as a Board to identify where we can be most effective in the work we do for our school community.' This new LEAD document will be presented as part of the Chair’s annual report at the ACM in November. 

Year 6 teaching staff at the school are currently working on re-working the school’s leadership program for Year 5 and 6 students at the school.  They are using the LEAD document to guide them through this process which will culminate in an exciting new three day LEAD program for the Year 6 cohort to be conducted in Term 1 next year.  

Mrs Kerry Hewitson an Assistant Principal at the school is coordinating this initiative. The current student leaders are assisting her with this work in rounds of focus group meetings with students 'to make sure we get it right', said Mrs Hewitson.