St Columba’s School, Bayswater

Incorporating the LEAD initiative within the St Columba’s Strategic Plan

St Columba’s School is in the process of transitioning from single stream to double stream and is currently double stream to Year Two. The school is undergoing major capital works to accommodate our increasing enrolments and provide contemporary learning environments for the students.

As a school community, we believed that the most effective way that the LEAD initiative was our central focus would be to incorporate it into our current situation. 

In 2013, the school undertook a significant shift from existing practices, to a more inclusive approach, in developing the new Strategic Plan. 

This involved consultation with all stakeholders as well as incorporating the Catholic Education WA strategic direction encapsulated in the LEAD initiative. In exploring the underpinning precepts of LEAD, the stakeholders identified these as being necessary components for our new Strategic Plan.

The nature of our Strategic Plan is that, as a working document, it is always referred to and reviewed to ensure that we keep abreast of current trends and practices within the four main components of LEAD.

In keeping with our commitment to incorporate LEAD within all of our practices, we have made a determined effort to ensure that it impacts on all levels of school from classroom teachers to administration level practices, by incorporating the key elements in our Performance Management Process. This provides opportunities for staff to reflect on their current practices and determine where they are placed in terms of the LEAD initiative. In this way, LEAD is kept at the forefront of all we do at St Columba’s School.

The impact of our decision to incorporate the LEAD initiative in this way has allowed us to identify innovative practices to enhance the learning environment and develop our students as lifelong learners. One such example is the development of the 21st Century Learning concept in the Year 4 classroom. 

The School Board and P&F have committed funds to develop the classroom environment to suit this style of learning.​