St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, Port Kennedy

Teacher development through the lens of the learning aspect of LEAD

An analysis of the 2012 SRC Insight Data for St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School showed a clear deficiency in both appraisal and recognition and professional growth from the staff survey. As a school we have committed to ensuring we improve our capacity to learn as a staff.

We have structured our school so that we have a designated leader assigned to year level clusters and one to specialist teachers. One of the roles of that leader is to provide feedback to at least one member of their cluster each week around an identified goal. 

The cluster leader then has a conversation regarding the feedback after the staff member has had time to reflect on it. Our cluster leaders discuss the process at a regular weekly meeting. It is part of our school’s collective commitment to develop a feedback culture within the school and is a rich learning experience for both teachers and cluster leaders.

We have also been investing in coaching training for our cluster leaders and will soon have 4 staff qualified to coach within the school. Each coach has two staff per semester assigned to them, this will soon allow the school to coach 16 teachers (all classes) per year. The next goal will be to expand this to allow for specialist and EA coaching. 

Again, this is fantastic learning for both parties and has been an effective way to set, monitor and evaluate goals.

We have a shared commitment to developing research-based teaching strategies and are currently focused on implementing clear learning intentions and success criteria into our lessons and planning. At the moment, this is being supported with a shoulder to shoulder process involving our school’s Coordinator of Professional Learning. This is our focus at our PLC meetings and has developed out of a review of the work of John Hattie (Visible Learning).

An important part of this process is a collective commitment from the admin team to ensure we prioritise all of the above in our week. We hold each other accountable through our weekly meetings.

We are looking forward to analysing the results of this year’s SRC Insight Survey as one data source to gauge the effectiveness of our journey so far.​