Mother Teresa Catholic School, Baldivis

Mother Teresa Catholic School opened 3 February this year with 116 students from Kindergarten to Year 2. The current enrolment is 124.

As Foundation Principal of the school, I report each month to three separate groups representing the Parish Pastoral Council, the Interim School Board and the Parents and Friends Meeting, which all parents are invited to attend.

LEAD is the schema I use to deliver my reports to the three groups. Utilising the acronym, makes for comprehensive reporting of the activities, life and culture of the school community as they relate to the particular vision and purpose of each of the three groups.

The LEAD framework for this kind of reporting also assists members of the Parish Council, the Interim School Board and the school’s P&F towards a deeper understanding of the school’s priorities and daily workings, as well as the school’s Catholic ethos ad the particular charism of our patron, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.​