Mary’s Mount Primary School, Gooseberry Hill

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Promotion of LEAD in our School Community

In our 'O' Drive, files with headings of each area of LEAD were set up. The staff of Mary's Mount Primary School have been asked to identify and paste images that may have that reflect each area of LEAD.

These images are being used for creating awareness and promotion of LEAD within our school community. They will continue to be updated. Listed below is how we are currently using our images or how we plan to use our images in the future.

  • Some of the images are on a display board outside our library under headings of each LEAD area.

  • A slide show has been made and shown to the school community at an assembly. Our Principal, Mr Sandro Coniglio then educated the children about LEAD.

  • The images and LEAD information will be played in rotation on our Apple TV in our front office and staff room.

  • We are planning to upload the current slideshow onto our school website. 


Linking LEAD to our Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

The Plan was designed by board members, P&F executives, students, staff and the Parish Priest. The process of planning took a year to finalise. 

The Key Result areas had been decided when the CEWA strategic direction of LEAD was released. The Key Result areas of our strategic plan were then reviewed and linked to each area of LEAD.

The launch of our plan was presented in May 2014. All people in our community were invited to attend. Our Chairman of the Board, Mr Justin Pavlinovich, spoke about our Commitment and 'The Five Pillars' (p.14). Our Principal, Mr Sandro Coniglio, spoke about 'Our Strategic Structure' (p.4) and the process with which it was written. 

Our AP Mr Clinton Payne spoke about the student’s involvement with identifying with 'The Five Pillars'. A team of Year 6 leaders spoke on each one of the Five Pillars:

  • Christ

  • Wisdom

  • Community

  • Tradition

  • Responsibility

Our Strategic Plan booklet was distributed to each stakeholder of our school community


LEAD Reflection Questions

Our Principal, Mr Sandro Coniglio, has modified LEAD reflections questions and is asking school board members and staff prior to meetings, to reflect on two questions in a LEAD area.

Future focus: The reflection questions will be modified if needed to the student’s level and used as reflection on a daily basis.

Discipleship is our calling; we are committed to deepening our relationship with Jesus.

  • What did I learn today?

  • How did I help others learn today?

  • How did I share knowledge today?

  • What did I learn from my experiences today?

  • How did I model learning to those around me today?

  • How did I create space for Jesus today?

  • How did I experience Jesus in others today?

  • How did my actions reflect Jesus today?

  • How did I deepen my relationship with Jesus today?

  • How did I live out the teachings of Jesus today?

  • How did my actions reflect the spirit of Jesus today?

Engagement is essential. We are committed to Catholic Education’s mission through positive relationships with all.

  • How did I engage with others today?

  • How did I promote positive relationships with students/staff/parents today?

  • What did I do today to promote engagement?

  • How did I build stronger relationships today?


Accountability is not optional. We have personal and collective responsibility for our systems’ success.

  • How did I help others succeed today?

  • How did I contribute to system success today?

  • How did I raise standards today?

  • What was my role in today’s successes and failures?

  • What did I do to achieve successful outcomes today?

  • How did I take responsibility for my work quality today?


How are we demonstrating LEAD in our actions in our school community?

Our Principal asked the staff to brainstorm our thoughts of how we are demonstrating actions in each of the LEAD focus areas. Our thoughts were typed up and then pinned up in our staffroom.

Staff have been invited to add any other thoughts to the lists as they arise.​

LEAD Award for Excellence

The LEAD Award for Excellence was suggested to maintain awareness and promote the focus of LEAD in our whole school community.​