Good Shepherd Catholic School, Lockridge


Learning is what we do - We are committed to learning at every level

By the end of 2014 Good Shepherd Catholic School aim to implement, plan and assess phase one (English, Mathematics, Science & History) of the Western Australian Curriculum. This will be completed with the support of PLCs, learning area co-ordinators, PD and teacher sharing.

We aim to continue to implement learning support programs including the running of the Reading Recovery and EMU programs along with in-class literacy and numeracy support.

We aim to review the school’s commitment to a focus on boys in education.

We aim to investigate and review the school’s reading comprehension and spelling programs and work to implement a whole school approach to these by the end of 2014.

By the end of 2014, we aim to have formed a spelling committee who will develop a whole school scope and sequence.

Implemented a Special needs program - appointed a co-ordinator and two Educational Assistants.

Aiming to introduce EAROBICS program in Term 4 as a trail and fully implement the program in 2015.

Engagement is essential - We are committed to Catholics Education’s mission through relationships with all

We aim to engage our students in their learning through the development of a positive learning environment and activities that tap into the interests of the children.

We aim to engage the parents in the school and to encourage their involvement in the school teaching and learning programs. For example, through the running of parental workshops and by creating a welcoming environment.

We aim to engage all staff in the school through recognition and appraisal of their efforts and through ongoing support in all areas.

Parish engagement - Continue to promote a relationship with the parish community. Support the Parish 20th anniversary celebrations with whole school participations.

Whole school approach to improving student engagement through coaching, feedback and staff self-appraisal process.  

Conducted parent/teacher interviews for all parents towards the end of term one.

Support our students struggling socially through the appointment of a social worker.

Accountability is not optional - we have personal and collective responsibility for our systems success

By the end of term 1 we aim to have reviewed our LEAD goals for 2014.

By the end of term 1 each staff member will have completed the AITSL self-evaluation tool on their website.

By the end of term 2 each staff member will have met with their leadership delegate to discuss the AITSL standards and set personal/professional goals.

By the end of 2014 each staff member will review their personal/professional goals with their leadership delegate.

By the end of term1 photographs and short medical summaries will be distributed to each duty file.

By the end of 2014 we will have investigated the possibility of introducing a school based gifted and talented program.

Principal to make regular visits to all classrooms to observe teaching/learning in practice and follow up with immediate feedback.

Whole school approach to improve student behaviour and work habits in classroom and at home.

Discipleship is our calling - We are committed to deepening our relationships with Jesus

Throughout 2014 the school will continue to work with the parish in order to follow the mandated Sacramental Policy for school aged children.

By the end of semester 1 we will have created a school prayer and will have introduced new faction names in collaboration with the school community.

By the end of 2014 we will have created a school song through collaboration with their school community.

By the end of 2014 the staff will have participated in a Spiritual Retreat together over two days.

Introduce the recital of the Rosary during the month of May and October in honour of Mary.

Review Good Shepherds Faith Story and Witness Accreditation Program at Staff Retreat.

Staff prayer - all staff now attends and participates in staff prayer on Wednesday morning.

Whole school masses on a fortnightly basis.