Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Linking Professional Standards to our whole school Literacy and Numeracy Plan

In order to achieve improvement in teacher capability and staff and student learning we at Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School

  • Divided the school into clusters K/PP; 1&2; 3&4; 5&6.

  • Each cluster was assigned a teacher leader or support person as a 'coach'

  • Each teaching staff member chose a goal to work on related to our whole school Literacy plan, a team goal related to their cluster and a personal goal. 

  • The timetable was designed to allow a cluster meeting to be held for each group, every week, with the coach to attend. The coach also spent time each week working in the classes with staff from their cluster, mentoring, modelling or enabling that staff member to visit another class in a shoulder to shoulder situation which included time with the staff member to review and discuss what had happened. 

  • The coaches met on a fortnightly basis with the Principal to discuss and review what is happening. 

  • At review or appraisal meeting the coach joins the staff and the Principal to discuss progress, concerns or issues using data and information gathered over the previous period. This is then used as evidence for staff as they compare what is being done to the continuum of the AITSL standards.

  • PD is linked to the goals and school priorities.


Staff capacity is developed through the ongoing review of what is being done to support the children in particular classes. Teacher leader capacity has been developed through the coaching but also through sharing knowledge e.g. PLC’s, Cluster meetings and classroom visits as well as the review meetings. 

Response to both the teacher and children’s learning and needs is much quicker as it is occurring continually rather than at set times during the year.


Team work has been developed within each cluster, across the school and within the curriculum leaders. 

The data is used more effectively and so the children are more engaged as their needs are being supported more effectively. Resources are being shared as are staff skills and capabilities.


has been developed individually through the setting and attainment of goals; within a cluster and across the school; Individually a staff member has the support of curriculum leader and Principal but must show evidence of the progress made towards his/her own goal and the children’s progress. This information can also be used to inform parents/carers. 

At times the ‘coach’ can also sit in on parent meetings, IEPS etc. to give greater support to those involved. The Principal is aware of issues that may arise and areas of concern in ‘real’ time and can respond as necessary.