About Us

The Catholic Education system in Western Australia provides a dynamic, student centred approach to education for more than 73,000 young people in 163 schools and colleges across the state.

With a focus on the development of the whole person - intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and emotional development - Catholic Education is the state’s second largest education sector, educating some 18% of all school-aged children in Western Australia.

Unlike any other state in Australia, Catholic schools in Western Australia are united as a system, with the four dioceses - Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton and Broome - all collaborating to provide Quality Catholic Schooling across the state.

Living the Vision

Central to Catholic Education in WA is a practical philosophy of Living the Vision. This challenges us all in Catholic Education to provide our young people, our future, with exemplary educational experiences and opportunities that foster their many and diverse gifts and talents and meet their many and diverse developmental needs.

In meeting this challenge, the Living the Vision states that:

We in Catholic Education seek to create environments that enhance learning, nurture young people and empower them to live the Catholic faith in the spirit of Jesus Christ by:

  • Building communities centred on prayer, stillness and reflection

  • Developing a hunger for the learning adventure

  • Challenging each other to seek truth and justice for all, especially the most vulnerable

  • Capturing the joy in the mystery of the created universe

  • Embracing the diversity of the earth and all its people

  • Walking together in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.


Through its service to schools, Catholic Education strives to facilitate the delivery of an authentic and empowering Catholic Education aimed at improving learning outcomes and life opportunities for the maximum possible number of children families and communities across Western Australia.