To have a Catholic marriage at St Michael the Archangel there are a number of guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Either the bride or groom must be Catholic.

  • A tentative booking cannot be made if either the bride or groom has been married before unless an annulment has been validated and they provide written permission from their Parish Priest.

  • As there is no priest attached to chapel, the couple must organise their own priest through their parish. It must be a Catholic Priest and we are unable to offer any suggestions.

  • The chapel fee includes two large arrangements of fresh flowers for the altar, supplied and organised by our florist. The floral arrangements remain in the chapel following all ceremonies.

  • Candles are supplied for the altar, however, you can provide your own special candles.


Conditions of Use:

  • Either the bride or the groom must be a Catholic.

  • The Priest must have the approval of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth to conduct wedding services in the Archdiocese of Perth.

  • The Priest will confirm on the application form that the service is to be a nuptial mass or a wedding ceremony.

  • An appropriate offering for the services of the Priest should be made directly to the Priest. This offering is not included in the wedding fee.

  • As part of the chapel offering our florist will supply and organise floral arrangements for the altar only.

  • The pews, or any other furniture, are not to be moved. The use of bluetac, cellotape, etc is not allowed on the pews or elsewhere in the chap

  • For all purposes, the chapel can only be accessed by making an appointment with the Chapel Booking Clerk, this includes wedding rehearsals available Mon - Fri 8.00am - 5.00pm.

  • The chapel must be left clean and tidy. You are asked to assist by removing all decorations, booklets, etc at the conclusion of the ceremony. The use of confetti, rose petals, bubbles and rice is not permitted. We would appreciate this being brought to the attention of those attending the marriage ceremony.

  • The grounds may be used for photographs, until the conclusion of your allotted time. The chapel and grounds is a non-smoking environment.

  • Buses and coasters are not permitted within the grounds of the Catholic Education Centre.

  • No food or drink may be consumed within the chapel. The grounds are not to be used for any drinks or any form of reception.