Catholic Education Aboriginal Committee

Terms of Reference

  • Advises the CECWA and develops policy recommendations on Catholic Aboriginal Education in Western Australia.

  • Monitors policy development in Aboriginal Education and gives advice as appropriate to the Executive Director of Catholic Education and/or the CECWA.

  • Acts as a point of reference on Aboriginal matters for Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).


  • Chair - Member of the CECWA and appointed by the Bishops of Western Australia. The Chair, once appointed, will relinquish their position from the regional CEAC. The Chair is to have a complete State perspective for Catholic Aboriginal Education.

  • Deputy Chair - Team Leader, Aboriginal Education, CEWA

  • Member of Executive

  • Executive Director’s Representative - Chief Learning, Teaching and Innovation Officer, CEWA

  • Chairs of each regional CEAC (four)

  • Deputy Chairs of each regional CEAC (four)