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Policy development and review is an important role of  Catholic Education Western Australia and its governing body, the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA).

All policy developed by the CECWA is designed to assist in implementing the Bishops’ Mandate to foster the continuous development and improvement of Catholic schools and to act on behalf of the Catholic community for the benefit of all Catholic school-aged children. The policy frameworks, together with specific policy statement help ensure a coherent and considered approach to Catholic Education in Western Australia.


The policy development and review process is comprehensive and consultative involving relevant Standing Committees and a broad stakeholder community.

The Executive  Director of Catholic Education manages the implementation strategy for new and updated policy statements. New and revised policy statements are formally promulgated to Principals at the commencement of each year. All policy statements are reviewed no later than five years after their implementation.

Schools determine their own procedures for the development and implementation of school-based policies. The CECWA may stipulate parameters for inclusion in school-based policy or provide a pro forma for adaption.

View the official policy statements of the Catholic Education Commission of WA under the areas of: