Terms of Reference

In a spirit of Gospel service the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia:

  • Develops and evaluates Catholic school policy where the Bishops elect to adopt a joint policy.

The responsibilities of the Commission are exercised through Catholic Education in Perth and its regional offices. These offices, through the Executive Director of Catholic Education, will be directly accountable to the CECWA.

In complying with its Terms of Reference, the Commission will:

  • Witness to and proclaim its commitment to Jesus Christ and to the truths and values of God’s Kingdom. The commission will strive to do this faithfully within a variety of ecclesiastical, educational, social and political milieux.

  • Operate in accord with the principle of subsidiarity, which states that nothing should be done by a higher administrative authority, agency or level that could be done as well, or better, by a lower one (Mandate Letter 36). In particular the Commission will:

    • Recognise and support parents as the primary educators of their children
    • Promote co-responsibility between the Catholic Education Office, school communities and between principals and their staff
    • Complement and support other services appropriate to Catholic Education, including those offered by state and diocesan bodies, including parishes and by religious institutes.

  • Keep itself informed of major church and government statements on education and integrate these into its own activities as appropriate.