Diocesan Terms of Reference

Role within the Diocese

The Commission will, after appropriate consultation with local authorities and parishes, make recommendations to the diocesan Bishop on:

  • Developing and mandating new Catholic school communities

  • Closing existing schools

  • Rationalising school resources and services.


Ensure quality in Catholic school leadership, and to this end: 

  • Propose suitable candidates to be appointed by the Bishop as principals of diocesan schools

  • Undertake the appropriate performance review of principals

  • When requested, support religious institutes in appointing and re-appointing principals in schools within their jurisdiction

  • Ensure appropriate accreditation for School Leadership Teams, officially appointed Religious Education Coordinators and Religious Education Teachers and all other Catholic school staff.

Assist other diocesan agencies with their educational activities and cooperate with them as appropriate. Obtain the diocesan Bishop’s approval when appointing Regional Officers of Catholic Education WA.



The Commission will ensure that school curricula are consistent with the requirements of state education authorities as well as the curriculum guidelines adopted by the Bishop and in particular to:

  • Assist schools in implementing curricula that are effective and advance the goals, principles and values of Catholic Education

  • Train and assist teachers and others responsible for implementing such curricula.


Religious Education

The Commission will ensure that schools implement the diocesan Bishop’s Religious Education programmes and:

  • Provide appropriate professional development and resources for Religious Education teachers and coordinators

  • Develop procedures by which the Bishop approves religious education teachers in diocesan schools

  • Review and evaluate school religious education programmes

  • Promote close liaison between school Religious Education staff, parents and Parish Priests

  • Ensure that schools report adequately to parents on their Religious Education programmes for students

  • Foster cooperation between Catholic school Religious Education programmes and those conducted in parishes, and also, where appropriate, with those of diocesan youth organisations

  • Assist the Diocesan Director of Religious Education to review periodically the diocesan religious education programmes and to develop or modify them at the Bishop’s direction.